Why sanitizing
is important?


The deterioration of indoor air quality (hospitals, offices, industrial environments, etc.) is due to external pollution levels and numerous internal sources. The combination of these elements determines concentrations of pollutants such as: volatile organic compounds, nitrogen dioxides, carbon oxides, formaldehyde, radon, allergy microorganisms, in even higher amounts outside.

Buildings with ventilation systems and air treatment units require regular cleaning of all the aeraulic components. In addition to the normal accumulation of dust and dirt, there are many other factors that increase the nedd for regular cleaning of air systems

Sanitize to prevent

Prevent risks
for health

Sanitization by law

The air system plant must be
sanitified by law

Sanitization for infections

To avoid risk about Sars, Legionellosis, Meningitis
eye or respiratory tract irritation

Sanitize for efficiency

You can save due to the efficency
of the enerfetic planty

Air sanitization

To have a goog
quality air

Catering sanitization

Accumulated fat is toxic
and higly flammable

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