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checks every year

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We work to monitor air quality
in indoor and industrial
environments. We restore
values by acting on plants and
pipelines, eliminating pollutants.

Cleaning of air channels

Remediation and control Air Treatment Unit, abatement from contamination of bacterial pollutants in the air and sanitization environments.

Video inspection

Swab and video inspection of the air ducts by remote guided robots.

Sanitation Aeration Boats Systems

Specialized in interventions aimed at Yatch ventilation systems, pleasure boats and large boats.

Legionella treatment and prevention
Cleaning industrial channels

Grease cleaning operations for hoods, flue cleaning, extraction pipes and industrial suction systems.

UTA sanitization

Resolution of the critical issues of the Air Handling Units, aimed at the sanctification and a better energy performance of the systems.

Anti covid sanitation

Certified skills for the sanitation and disinfection of indoor environments and workplaces from COVID-19, in relation to the transmission of the CORONAVIRUS infection.

Environmental sanitation