Environmental sanitation

To avoid risksall public premises are requiredto take preventive and corrective measures. Appropriate and suitable room cleaning protocols should be established.

Entasys recommends regular upkeep plans to maintain a high level of hygiene. These protocols must ensure the maximum safety of people from contracting infections.

We recommend planning disinfection and sanitization services of all environments at regular intervals, to be carried out throughout the year, not only to comply with the obligations on the current legislation on health and safety (D.Lgs. 81/08 ex 626/94) but also to alter the infectious chain and drastically reduce the danger of contagion and ensure the health of all users of the environment.

More than ever in these times it becomes vitally importantsanitization from Covid-19. Entasys uses a safe and fast protocol that manages to inactivate the virus in 60 seconds with the use of Rely+On Vircon and the premises become usable again in just 60 minutes.

A safe and effective
sanitization process

The final result of the sanitization process is to obtain a healthy environment, that is, it does not represent any probable source of risk of contracting pathologies

by the local users, deriving from pathogenic agents. This operation is performed through special nebulizing machines, which guarantee the disinfection of the environment through the nebulization of virucidal, sporicidal, bactericidal and antifungal chemical products.

The latest is atomized in the environment in micro-particles with sizes ranging from 0.3 microns to 0.5 microns. This exponentially increases the contact surface amplifying the disinfection action with shorter contact times ensuring an optimal microbial abatement.

This treatment does not generate the formation of Volatile Organic Compoundsand its degradation is rapid, and higher than 99.99% in a very short time (1 hour). The distributed compound spreads evenly over every square centimetre of free surface present in the environment and for every volume of air without generating moisture, corrosion and residues. The small size of the disinfectant compounds increases the nucleation effect at the level of cytoplasm of microorganisms.

The rapid decomposition of the radicals of the product used, makes the compound non-toxic for the staff, who are not allowed to be present during atomization, but highly efficient against viruses, bacteria and pathogens in general, by destroying the microbiological load.

ENTASYS verifies
the quality of the air
at every control.

The deterioration of indoor air quality
may result in concentrations of pollutants.


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