Coating of air ducts

Optimize the hygiene and safety of ventilation systems without replacing the ducts thanks to the revolutionary air duct coating.

How Air Duct
Coating revolutionizes

Air Duct Coating
a solution
for a healthy environment

The coating process, in the context of air duct treatment, represents a complete and reliable solution to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment over time. This treatment involves the encapsulation of internal surfaces, including masonry ones, with a powerful sanitizing product that has antifungal and biocidal action. The main goal is to restore and maintain optimal hygienic and sanitary conditions within the system over time.

Encapsulation of surfaces and
lasting protection

Through the duct encapsulation process, a smooth surface is created that offers no refuge to dust andprevents the possible microbiological contamination of the internal walls of the ducts. Furthermore, this treatment provides long-term disinfectant action on surfaces, ensuring a safer environment.

The protective film formed during the coating prevents the dispersion of fibers into the air, helping to maintain a cleaner and healthier environment. This film is highly elastic and resistant to weathering, ensuring longevity. Its flexibility allows it to absorb structural movements without causing damage to surfaces, preventing the formation of lesions or micro-cracks.

It is important to emphasize that updating the old air duct system to comply with legal regulations does not necessarily require the complete replacement of the ducts, thus avoiding significant expenses. Air duct coating represents an efficient solution to improve the performance of the existing system, while ensuring greater hygienic efficiency and compliance with current regulations. Investing in these solutions translates into a healthier environment and extends the life of the system itself.

Coating is a much more economical and much safer intervention.

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