Coating of air ducts

The coating allows you to save and secure
internally insulating your pipes
without having to change everything

The coating
allows you
to save
secure your
by insulating
them inside.

The coating consists of encapsulation with sanitizing product, with antifungal and biocidal action, of internal insulation and stonework to restore and maintain over time the best sanitary conditions of the system.
Coating of ventilation ducts

he encapsulation is made a smooth surface that does not facilitate the nesting of dust and possible microbiological contamination of the same, also practicing a prolonged disinfecting of surfaces.
The formed film prevents the fibres from spreading into the air.
It creates a highly elastic membrane, weather resistant, that gives the treated surfaces a high resistance against humidity. Its flexibility and elasticity absorb structural movements without creating lesions or micro cracks.

Adapting the old air system in accordance with the law does not necessarily means changing all the pipelines spending a fortune.


Coating is a much cheaper
and much safer procedure.

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